Software for planning, budgeting, forecasting, analysis and keeping records of results.

IBM Planning Analytics TM1 is a platform that will transform your company’s planning, from defining goals and creating budgets to generating reports, recording results and performing analyses and forecasting.

Available as a local or cloud-based solution, with vast mobile capabilities, the Planning Analytics TM1 allows for data analysis and creation of models, including profitability models using different scenarios, meeting the demand for a constantly evolving business environment.


Effective planning and analyses

Create and analyze plans, budgets and sophisticated forecasts, including those based on large sets of data that are subject to frequent changes. Support plans based on dynamic drivers and forecasts; interconnect plans to obtain a cohesive perspective of all functions, departments and geographies. Execute allocations of complex costs and profitability analyses to identify more lucrative products, customers, markets and sales channels.

Cloud options

Select between local or cloud-based deployment as the best mechanism for your enterprise environment, without sacrificing capabilities or limiting options for future implementations. Choose between deployment of centralized or distributed planning to support a vast set of users, locations, environments and work profiles, including offline use. Allows for contributions from remote users and integration with local data sources.

Balanced Score Cards and Strategy Management

Create models of metrics to measure evolution in results and dynamically associate them with actions and forecasts. Measure key performance indicators (KPIs) in the same environment used for planning, creating budgets and forecasts. Share metrics and KPIs with those responsible for decisions through their respective mobile devices.

Flexible models

Develop and implement complex analysis and planning models. Create scenarios to explore an unlimited number of alternatives, so that employees, teams and departments can quickly respond to changing business conditions. Easily monitor performance metrics using a single dashboard.

Involvement of more users

Involves users from across the organization in planning with high participation, including remote employees using mobile devices, such as tablets. Users can participate from anywhere. They can also keep tabs on the status of plans and introduce and submit values. Managers can review, approve or reject contributions remotely. Select the most appropriate interface for you: PAX – Planning Analytics for Excel, Workspace, TM1 WEB or Contributor. Scale to thousands of participants to support top-down or bottom-up creation of planning budgets.

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