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A sweet financial solution for Hershey’s

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2000 customers' transactions in one click

Detailed information is fundamental to outline the best price strategy for each customer and each market.

Integrated planning as a competitive advantage

At Hershey's Brazil, measuring the impact of decision-making according to different scenarios has become a powerful weapon in a very competitive market.

Our profit margins have improved

The company can attest to this. This is possible when there is reliable and fast information on which to base better decisions, therefore providing better results.


With operations in Brazil since 2012, American chocolate-maker Hershey's needed more robust financial planning to compete.

A platform was needed that was capable of performing scenario projects and measuring different decisions in relation to each of these scenarios. Correct and reliable information was also needed to make consistent decisions. All of this aimed at boosting sales, growing operations in the country and improving profit margins.


CTI Global developed a customized integrated solution that brings together information and transactions done with 2000 customers, basically retail and chains and wholesalers, that could be consulted in real time.

Pricing strategies could then be established for each market and customer, forecasting sales and revenue, diagnosing profits and losses, and measuring the impact of decision made in different scenarios. Moreover, the platform also allows the performance of sales teams to be measured, helping to motivate teams to reach their goals.

The solution is easy to use and the Hershey’s team was trained to be able to operate it independently. The company is thrilled with the results and is planning to expand the scope of the platform to include cash flow management, costs and operational planning processes. So let’s go!

Solution developed:

  • Financial Planning

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