The Financial Statement Disclosure System is aimed at speeding implementation of the report generation process at publicly traded companies that are subject to the disclosure rules of regulatory agencies (SEC in USA or CVM in Brazil).

According to the rules of the CVM – Brazil’s Securities and Exchange Commission, publicly traded corporations are required to report financial statements on a quarterly basis, providing balance sheet information, earnings, changes to shareholder equity, cash flows, comprehensive income and other information on the company’s operating context.

Using the integrated solution developed by CTI, companies are able to automatically update values in reports, create validations between notes, perform report oversight using workflows and more.

This not only guarantees greater agility in creating reports, but this model also allows users to dedicate more time to financial analysis.
In a more competitive and constantly changing scenario within the regulatory market, the Financial Statement Disclosure system allows for substantial gains in efficiency during the report creation process.


  • Updating – Changes to numbers made using the solution are automatically incorporated into reports, without the need to make manual corrections in Word or Excel.
  • Formatting – The report model is configured so that only occasional changes are necessary, as the report’s tables and texts are altered.
  • Report structure – The structure is split into sections by financial account group, making it possible to manage access to each section and control the publication’s progress through account groups.
  • Data variables – Consultations by date, without having to update every consultation as changes take place in the period. Changing variable value is enough.
  • Dates automation, notes numbering and table of contents are automatically updates through variables.




The Native workflow feature allows flow steps customization as well as appropriate access and security permissions.

Consulta de dados

Data consultation

Done by financial account groups, giving the system good performance by only using financial accounts specific to each table.

Relatório de validação

Validation report

The model contains pre-defined validation rules, so that the user will have access to a report generated in Excel with the result of these validations.

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