Financial simulation

Build scenarios based on results and cash flow in minutes with the CTI solution

Unstable economic scenarios require a fast, integrated, and comprehensive solution

Simulação Financeira
Fast Retail

Make projections with a high degree of reliability and improve the profitability of a channel or product line

Are you a retailer? CTI has a solution to help you.

Fast Retail
Zero-based budgeting

Keep costs under control with the ZBB method and matrix analysis

Collaborative expense budgeting is our focus

Orçamento Base Zero
Demand and S&OP planning

Make decisions based on modern machine learning models

An approach that combines S&OP and FP&A and artificial intelligence.

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Resource budgeting

Build your payroll in a simplified, automated and participatory manner

Headcount, remuneration, charges, provisions, and benefits with the level of detail you desire

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IFRS 16: Adapt to the standard quickly and safely

Integration with your system for faster deployment and use

Marca CTI

CTI Global

We are experts in systems for corporate management, planning, and financial control

We combine business, finance and technology knowledge to co-create systems for financial and operational performance management.

Improve your business management and strategic decisions about the future of your organizations.

Get a custom solution for your business:

Success cases

Case CTI Setor Savegnano


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Comercial and financial integrated planning and daily sales and margin monitoring
Case CTI Cosan


[ + ]


Integrated operational planning and financial system
Case CTI Hershey's


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Development of earning analysis system


Simulação Financeira

Financial Forecasting

Unstable and volatile economies require regular forecasting. A fast and complete solution to predict how different scenarios might impact your business.


Profitability analysis

A user-friendly and customized solution to help you identify what drives and curtails profit.

Orçamento Matricial

Demand Planning

Efficient demand planning processes enhance revenue and profitability forecasting. Reliable sales forecasting.

Consolidação Financeira

Financial Consolidation

Enhanced performance is key for any organization and requires robust and low-cost financial management tools.

Data science at your fingertips

Data Science Advsory

Data science can answer many questions, anticipate trends and problems. But, how to start this journey? We draw the roadmap.

CTI Data Lab_

Have you identified opportunities? Would you like to test? No investments in people or technology? Use our expertise and our laboratory.

S&OP in the Supply Chain 4.0

We combine expert knowledge with technology and data science to help you with organizational transformation.