ConSenso CTI

ConSenso is a tool for small meetings (approx. groups of 10 up to 30 people), to gathers opinions and defines priorities.

Used in combination with our meeting conduction methodology, we encourage new ideas and points of view to be shared freely. We therefore reduce conflict and deadlocks substantially, which frequently distort and block the development of a meeting.

Ideas developed and evaluated by participants are voted and mapped by the system, and are later presented in the “Opportunities Map”, which reveals to the group which ideas provide maximum benefit and future success, helping the company determine priorities and allocate resources.


Despite its broad applicability, CoNexus® is most commonly used in meetings for strategic planning, IT planning, identification of new market opportunities and development of specific strategies, either to address a business issue or to support important decisions.

ConSenso Geração de ideias

Generating ideas

Icone Voto Priorização de Ideias

Prioritizing ideas

Using electronic voting terminals and the CoNexus & Right prioritization system

Mapa de Consenso

Consensus maps

Analysis, discussions and reaching consensus on the results obtained through the voting system

Mapa de Prioridades

Priority maps


All participants get to vote equally and votes are secret, ensuring full participation regardless of their hierarchical or political position.

The process consists of designing, conducting, interpreting and discussing the results of a 1 or 2-day “workshop”. At the end of the meeting, after generating ideas on relevant information for the enterprise, prioritized voting and evaluation of results can be performed within one hour.

When individuals take part in the definition of a solution they are more likely to engage in its implementation. The voting result represents the group’s opinion, not that of an external expert, consultant or one particular member. Professionals feel motivated to participate actively in the implementation of an idea that they generated themselves.

By using software resources it is possible to identify the level of consensus obtained on every voted idea, maintaining participants’ identities anonymous. The three main reasons for lack of consensus are:

  1. Not understanding the meaning of the voted idea;
  2. Heterogeneous levels of information within the group;
  3. Different viewpoints

Discussing theses differences is a powerful way to better understand the situation that is being analyzed and to share mote information within the group, thus increasing the level of engagement.

The meeting is conducted in a structured way, according to a previously designed and approved schedule, encouraging and guiding participants to generate practical ideas.

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