Improved projections, optimized inventories, and higher profitability

Planejamento de Demanda

Planning means being one step ahead in the decision making process. So, while some companies simply react, leading organizations balance quality visibility, action, and fast response.
Demand planning is a process to generate sales projections with a high degree of reliability. The approach proposed by CTI starts with statistical sell-out and sell-in projections using advanced forecasting models that consider sales history and internal and external variables that can influence the results.
These projections can be used in marketing planning, budgeting, and production planning in an integrated and flexible planning model, an exclusive solution created by CTI on the IBM platform. With this solution, profitability information projected for each business unit, product, channel, and geographic region can be analyzed, and complete financial statements can be generated (balance sheet, results, and cash flow).



Collaborative approach

Allows integration of internal teams


Integrated solution

A connection between the forecasting and financial planning modules allows easy integration of a sales plan with and the results

Modelagem Preditiva Avançada

Advanced predictive modeling

Advanced modeling and forecasting algorithms

Previsões em tempo real

Real-time forecasting

Continuously adjust and improve forecasts as new information is received


Models can be created using SPSS, R, PYTHON, or a combination of these, joining different data mining and artificial intelligence algorithms to fulfill the business needs.

What to expect from data modeling analysis

Short-term demand detection

Demand review in the execution horizon to improve market reaction.

Long-term market forecast

Estimate market, business and market share growth to improve strategies and capabilities.

Decisions about marketing mix

Estimate and optimize returns on marketing investment.

Decisions about price and portfolio

Estimate and optimize changes in price and product attributes.

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Demand planning, the multi-step process used to generate sales projections with a high degree of reliability, using IBM platforms: