IFRS 16 – adapt to the standard quickly and safely

All companies with lease or rental agreements must handle IFRS 16 complexity, among other issues. Observing this standard is important when conducting audit processes and presenting results. However, the higher the number of agreements, the more challenging it is to ensure they all comply with IFRS 16.
For this reason, CTI has decided to combine its knowledge of best practices with the ability to create accelerator solutions and, using the powerful IBM Planning Analytics, it developed a solution that will help adapt agreements based on IRFS 16.

Integration with your system for faster deployment and use

Our solution is robust – it can process up to 10,000 active agreements, displaying the details of agreements, categorizing them, and creating transaction logs. It allows easy visualization of agreement status and changed values, including who has made the change and when such change was made.

It uses the patented 64-bit in memory “read-write” technology of Planning Analytics by TM1, with provides superior performance in calculations and maintenance of its structures. In addition, the platform is fully scalable; that is, no matter the size of your database or how much it can grow, the tool will keep running at the same speed.

Ready to use

Because it is a ready-to-use solution with a pre-molded logic, its implementation is faster and less costly. In a short time, our solution is installed and can be fully used.

Ease of use

The platform has user-friendly and customizable interfaces and dashboards, and right from the start, the customer can understand exactly what functionalities are available in the solution. In addition, the company’s FP&A team can create reports and make customizations without any programming activity or an IT professional.

Projection of agreements and ‘what if’ simulations

The solution was created to ensure more visibility of every agreement, understanding the details of the situation of each agreement. It can also perform ‘what-if’ scenario simulations, supporting strategic decisions.

Flexible integration with your ERP

Our solution can be easily integrated with the ERP system in place, extracting information from the agreements to the new platform, so the system is ready to use, creating a single database for your planning and supervision.

Automatic accounting and data export to ERP

The solution is prepared to perform automatic accounting tasks according to IFRS 16 in each agreement, such as: assets and liabilities, adjusted present value (APV), cash, amortization, among others. The accounting entries can be exported to the ERP system for processing.

Cloud or on-premise platform

Does your company have Cognos TM1 or Planning Analytics? Just copy the solution base (SDATA) to your server and start using it.

The solution runs on both Planning Analytics/TM1 in cloud or on-premise environment.

Specialized team at your disposal

Our professionals are specialized in accounting and finance – a highly qualified team will support your company. We also engage a partner with knowledge and experience with the best practices in the market and technical consultants who are responsible for IBM Cognos TM1 and Planning Analytics solutions.

Product used in solution:

CTI has developed a powerful solution for customers who need to comply with IFRS 16. It is a robust system that offers a user-friendly interface, so you can dedicate more time to your business.

Does your company have TM1 or Planning Analytics? It’s a plug-and-play solution!

More about our solution for IFRS 16: