Cadeia de Suprimentos 4.0

Supply Chain 4.0

Organizational transformation

One of the main areas impacted by new technologies is supply chain management. With the challenge of managing complexity and balancing cost and efficiency with agility and flexibility, traditional chains are forced to restrict the individualization degree of the offer. However, the consistent application of new data science technologies allows businesses to overcome the traditional compromise between flexibility and efficiency. We combine specialist knowledge of supply chain management with technology and data science, specifically providing supply chain planning for the following areas:

  • Individualization of sales drivers: by applying data science and machine learning, we offer solutions to automatically individualize the offer based on the identification of consumption patterns. It allows the company to automatically optimize the product portfolio and functional attributes, suggest dynamic pricing to specific consumers, individualized promotions, and automatically segment and classify customers, portfolio or points of sale.
  • Integrated demand planning: based on defined sales drivers, we use advanced forecasting algorithms and time series techniques combined with neural networks for specific and complex behaviors, such as intermittent demands, trends, seasonality or non-stationary cycle.
  • Inventory, production and distribution optimization: based on the anticipated needs, we use linear, non-linear and mixed integer programming algorithms, combined with stochastic algorithms to define optimal safety stock policies in the system, and the definition of optimal integrated production and distribution plans.
  • Financial analysis and simulation: in order to maintain the bottom line in business, we have combined supply chain management with the operational plan and multidimensional financial vision, defining profitability by product, channel, region, etc. The ability to quickly simulate scenarios allows better decisions in an effective closed-loop decision-making process.

Boticário case

Grupo Boticário

See here the case of Boticário in which we combined technology and data science to radically change the company’s integrated planning method:

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