Cognos Controller

Complete, accurate and auditable financial consolidation.

IBM Cognos Controller is a financial consolidation software supporting the complete account close, consolidation and report creation process. Automate and accelerate the process, providing the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with an overview of key financial metrics.


The finance department controls the process

Define and maintain all financial consolidation rules and processes without requiring the assistance of an IT technician. Audit and control the flow of data throughout the consolidation process. Research details to identify who did what when. Personalize the consolidation process and assure coherent data using a validation process that provides a notice when there is any incoherence.

Complete solution

Features the close, consolidation and internal and external reporting process, including IBM Cognos Disclosure Management in the solution. Integrates financial consolidation in a performance management system that includes reports and analyses, scorecarding, planning and budgets.


Confront the complex processes of consolidation and report creation head-on, managed by financial staff.


Work with financial data in various formats. Take advantage of existing IT investments with integration options for IBM and non-IBM systems.

Local and global financial consolidation

Fulfill the all consolidation and report creation requirements, including IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) and US GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) as well as Sarbanes-Oxley. Features certified financial results in various transactional currencies.

Cloud-based deployment option

The same local solution functionality with faster implementation. Choose the best delivery mechanism for your enterprise environment, local or on the cloud, without sacrificing capabilities or limiting future implementation options. Subscription-based pricing model, which reduces initial costs.

IBM Cognos Controller supports the complete process of closing accounts, consolidating and creating reports. Automate!