AMS, more than support, an extension of your business!

Created more than 10 years ago, our AMS area plays a much more important role than answering calls or offering support; we ensure full use of the solutions developed for your company.

We have evolved a lot in this period to keep offering numerous environments and projects to our more than 50 customers, the best solutions for daily routines.

This area has more than 20 consultants, exclusively dedicated and organized in specialized service cells, according to the technical, functional and operational competences of the applications, so that you can handle your core business; delegating to AMS the specialized technical support for you and your employees.

To fulfill the most diverse needs of your company, we build bridges between the IT and business areas by offering personalized service and understanding the needs can be different.

CTI Global AMS

More efficiency for your IT department

  • Reduced risks of service interruption
  • Constant knowledge maintenance – our team is constantly updated about technological tools and trends.
  • Reduction of SLAs for business areas.
  • Prevention of application obsolescence due to changes in business rules.
  • Constant update of installed IBM tools and platforms.
  • Support in licensing consumption management, with reduction of financial risks.
  • Greater proximity and dialogue with IBM.

Close service, despite the distance!

Remote safe high-quality service, allowing fast answer from a consultant/expert and rapid assertive service.

Scheduled proactive service

We offer proactive service scheduling and recurrence, in which our team performs preventive actions, such as:

Monitoring and analysis of resource consumption and solution behavior, identifying factors that can increase performance costs, implementing preventive measures.

Provision of complete reports, with records of users, detailed levels of access, and customization according to your needs, increasing control and avoiding additional costs for your company.

Regular contact with your IT area to check backup frequency and restoration policies, as well as the implementation of continuous data quality tests to analyze backup data. In the event of a crisis, to support your business continuity plan, recovery plans are developed for service interruption, and crisis committees/war rooms are organized.

Periodic training for tool users, providing information to your team about new resources available.

We go beyond problem solving – we provide improvements and evolution to your application!

Unlike other companies in the market, which only solve problems, our team offers proactive support, ensuring a higher value to contracted solutions. We support continuous adaptation of your applications as your business grows and transforms.

Punctual improvements and evolution, ensuring your application is always prepared to fulfill your business needs.

Constant training to existing and new employees who use our solutions, allowing them to use all tool benefits.

Access to our knowledge and best practices acquired from hundreds of projects implemented by CTI in different market segments

Full support from our team during critical moments, such as month-end closing, internal or external reports or budget definition.

Environment updates and upgrades, always ensuring the most recent version of the software to provide you with the latest news, resources and features.

Technical specialized team

Over the years, we have noticed the “dedicated consultant model” does not meet the needs of our customers, as it provides only partial knowledge and experience and is not a cost-effective system.

Then, our services are provided by a team of multidisciplinary highly trained professionals, who are specialized in their areas of expertise and ready to promptly help you with your demands. This team is organized as follows:

Cell leader:

experienced technical professional, who understands customer needs, coordinates teams and priorities for the provision of solutions.

System consultant:

technical professional in charge of conducting analyses, developing improvements, and solution maintenance.

Business consultant:

functional professional responsible for identifying needs with the business unit, and designing conceptual models for comprehensive solutions.

Infrastructure consultant:

technical professional responsible for the installation, parameterization and monitoring of the environment; also acts as an interface with the manufacturer in cases of troubleshooting or technical question.

Managing partners:

senior professionals with extensive experience and knowledge of the best practices in the market; they are responsible for the services provided and facilitate and support customer relationship.

Therefore, our personalized service will always ensure someone with the right qualification will understand and help you solve your issues.

IT increment with lower infrastructure cost

By using our services provided by our highly specialized team, with knowledge of the best management development practices, you will automatically increase your internal portfolio of specialized IT services, with support of demand coordination and dedication of proper resources.

We have vast knowledge of solutions for problems, incidents and crisis management, in order to ensure stable environments and full operation.

Partnership with IBM Platinum

With this partnership, we are accredited to provide specialized services, with a solid and collaborative relationship that allows our company to develop technical skills and experiences with the constant evolution of IBM tools, such as:

IBM Platinum Business Partner

Our AMS – Application Management Services take care of the management and support of IBM systems: