IBM Watson

IBM Watson is a platform that uses human language and artificial intelligence to analyze enormous amounts of data and provide answers.

Every day, we create a huge amount of information: formulas, photographs, posts, articles, research, etc. In 80% of cases, this data is not structured and, therefore, it is invisible to computers and to today’s technology. IBM Watson is a cognitive system that can understand this data, learn from it and reason based on it. This is how industries as different as health, retail, banking services and tourism are using Watson to reinvent themselves.

Watson analyzes enormous amounts of information, in language naturally produced by man, and learns from it. This allows us to do things we’ve never done before: recognize illnesses even before patients show symptoms, predict trends before they are fashionable, answer questions before they are asked.


Watson was designed by an IBM team to answer clues on Jeopardy!, an American television show, in 2011. Watson won the challenge by analyzing 200 million pages of books to answer the clues in seconds.

Application to business:

Watson Discovery Advisor

The platform looks at data under its dominion and maximizes insights. It can combine this data with hundreds of public or licensed data sources, expanding the your business area’s universe of information. Watson Discovery Advisor will be trained and ready to assess and think like the top executives at your company. Gain insights, visualize possibilities and validate theories faster than ever before.

Watson for Oncology

Platform with an advanced ability to analyze the meaning and context of structured and unstructured information in medical reports, which may be fundamental in selecting treatment.

Watson Engagement Advisor

Technology that interacts with clients, takes questions and offers solutions. The platform learns with each human interaction and grows its knowledge base, rapidly adapting to the way man thinks.

Watson Explorer

Platform that accesses and analyzes structured and unstructured content and presents analyses and cognitive insights in a single summary, providing the information you are looking for on patterns and future trends.

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