When deploying new simulation and financial management models, a company will only achieve complete and long-lasting success if change is not limited to the financial areas, but rather reaches all areas. Transformation brought about by the new technology must be reflected in the culture, processes, management structure and work modes of the organization.

When designing a project, CTI can provide integrated support to transformation processes by evaluating and executing an Organizational Change Management Plan (OCM).

This process is developed and strongly supported by an effective communication process:

  • How the implementation of the new work mode will affect the organizational structure of the company (design “as is” -> “to be”).
  • Who will be affected by this change and what is the new expected behavior of every position, so as to optimize the new work tools
  • How to ensure change is truly carried out and to make sure that the newly proposed work mode is disseminated throughout the organization.

Process Redesign Support

In addition to implementing management financial tools, CTI can support your company in process redesign projects, either with the OBZ methodology or the Shared Service Center, aiming to:

  • Increase process reliability and productivity by standardizing, documenting and implementing process indicators.
  • Evaluate productivity and effectiveness.
  • Reduce costs and expenses in general.
Redesenho de Processos CTI

When designing a project, CTI can support the transformation process in an integrated manner, carrying out Organizational Change Management: