Finance reports and automated processes.

Disclosure Management is a unified financial control solution improving financial and control processes, especially in the final stages prior to disclosure.

Disclosure Management



The document rendering mechanism is fast, because the rendered output is placed into a cache that is then shared by all users working on the same part of the report.


Users can perform check-outs of various report objects at the same time.

Work Flow

Users can easily see the status of each part of a financial document and determine which parts are behind schedule and who is responsible. The work flow includes automatic email notification to quickly contact the people responsible for items that are behind schedule.

Internal control

Disclosure Management provides a wide-ranging set of internal controls to assure that the appropriate steps are followed in creating, sending and approving each document.

Audit trail

Users can easily compare two versions of the document to see what was changed, who changed it and when it was changed.

Data sources

This resources provides an easy to use method to extract data from various sources, including ERP systems, relational databases, OLAP databases and Microsoft Excel.

Easy to use

If users already know how to use Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint, using  Disclosure Management will be intuitive and easy. It provides a user interface that leverages all of the mathematical capacities of Excel, the formatting resources of Word and the presentation resources of PowerPoint.

User security

Disclosure Management features controlled access to sensitive information and helps to maintain privacy.

Business rules and validation

At some organizations, data can come from several sources.  Disclosure Management’s business rules assure that summarized data in one area of the document is always connected to detailed data that exists somewhere else in the document.

Integration with PowerPoint

Users can create presentations that use data from the DM report.


Users can present financial information in the form of diagrams, graphs and charts by creating widgets with the dashboard.

Disclosure Management, a unified financial control solution that improves financial processes and controls: