Arquitetura Organizacional CTI

Take a look at your environment and answer the following question: are the basic systems and processes adopted by your business obsolete?

The answer is probably yes, since many of the processes we use today were invented in a time when society needed mass production methods and the motto was command and control.

But the world has become extremely complex and these systems and processes no longer meet current needs. It is useless to perfect them because all you would be doing is trying to perfect something that is obsolete.

Conventional wisdom says: improve your past. Organizational Architecture© proposes: Let’s build the future!

Create a new revitalization cycle based on confidence and commitment. Choose to operate your business in a unique and innovative way. Switch to a brand new field. Do not settle for surviving the violent clashes of the future: learn how thrive while they are happening.


The Organizational Architecture© method, developed and applied by CTI, consists of helping businesses kick-start a new revitalization cycle and thus deploy and consolidate key capabilities (skills, talents, capabilities and techniques as they change their business structure, without breaking with the existing structure. We want to revitalize and gain adaptive flexibility, which result in improved process management, sustainable competitiveness and more productive well being for your shareholders, employees and partners.

Organizational Architecture© begins as a white sheet and helps you build a shared vision of how you would like your business to operate based entirely on “what is right”, rather than on how things have been done so far.

Organizational Architecture© helps you create a new way of doing business based on a shared vision. The best talents, both inside and outside your organization, will create business processes to materialize this vision.

You will use the best parts of your old structure and will create the rest. Your Communication, high-tech and high-touch Platform will not only facilitate the configuration of new processes, but also provide them with the necessary structure and support after implementation.

Organizational Architecture© will give “muscles” to people in your organization (knowledge, skills, information and trust) so they can play their part in the Vision. By executing the necessary tasks for the Transition Management Process, people acquire knowledge and skills. When tasks are completed successfully, they will have confidence in themselves and in the organization. As a result, your organization will have the capacity to customize the architecture according to its needs.

Organizational Architecture© does more than prepare you to recognize risks, trends and changes that will impact your business. Every risk holds an opportunity and Organizational Architecture© will show your business how to make the most of every new opportunity.

Combine the discipline of proven transition management techniques with a smooth gradual learning process that creates drive and awareness at different levels. This is a process that encourages trust and mutual respect within the organization.

Imposed changes will cause major damages to business culture. Instead of dictating change, Organizational Architecture© prepares your organization to create its own destiny by attributing an important role to every professional in obtaining the Vision.

Organizational Architecture© guides you through the entire process, from the desire to improve to the concrete experience of your Vision. Since it is a gradual process, it does not require superhuman efforts because it comes from within and works with the culture of your organization, not against it. The result is a healthy, happy, confident organization, capable to realize its full potential.

Organizational Architecture© employs a series of integrated processes that will help you achieve your Optimal Organization. These steps are based on the “Seven Cs” and focus on the four core business components: Strategy, Structure, Culture and Communication Systems.

Customers with CTI solution deployed:

Yázigi-Internexus – Educação internacionalJactoIBGC – Instituto Brasileiro de Governança CorporativaACMD – Associação Comunidade de Mãos DadasCVM – Comissão de Valores MobiliáriosVeirano AdvogadosLe Postiche

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