Redesenho de Processos CTI

There’s no way around it: there are moments when financial control and planning processes must be redesigned. We have developed a global financial architecture project for precisely these situations, aimed at designing and creating a plan to implement computerized procedures and systems that will guarantee the efficiency of financial control and planning processes.

How it works:

CTI consultants work with the client’s internal team to map the specific business characteristics: production processes, operating structures, and current transaction and analysis systems and their specific needs in relation to company’s strategies.

Through our consultants’ large experience with designing and developing financial processes and systems, we create an entire process conceptual design proposal, that is extensively discussed and adjusted along with the project’s steering committee. Once conceptual design is approved, we begin the implementation process.


  • Complete financial planning and control process automation, integrated with the company’s business processes and strategies;
  • Comprehensive financial planning and control process design, overseen implementation of analytic applications and their integration with the transaction applications being used (ERPs), for secure gains in response time and consistency in information generated;
  • Our consultants’ large experience in financial planning and control division in various industry segments means less operational risk and faster process, assuring the best solutions, unattached to current procedures and any biases they may have;
  • Technology transfer from our consultants to company.

Experience is our strength:

  • We design, implement and test the tools used in the process.
  • We support the assessment and help select the software available on the market that is best suited to the processes designed.
  • We facilitate meetings and/or coaching for company professionals, whether that means meetings to establish annual goals, preparation and kick-off for the budget planning process or meetings for reporting and re-planning, based on Actual x Budgeted comparison reports.
  • We coordinate or supervise various stages in the implementation process as a whole.

Customers with CTI solution deployed:

VotorantimSamarcoGrupo Solar Coca-ColaLibbs FarmaceuticaLe Postiche

Process Redesign of planning and financial control. Global project of financial architecture. We are specialists: