We have been developing solutions since 1992, integrating finance, business and IT knowledge to facilitate financial management, strategic management, risk management and compliance and economic scenario simulations for medium and large companies.

Our vocation is to support finance executives and from other business areas to make faster and safer business decisions about the company’s future, more rapidly and safely, regardless regarding daily operations or long-term strategic decisions.

We have tailored solutions to meet specific needs, which normally consist of a systematic process review supported by a system.

Analytical, planning and financial modeling softwares are our work tools and therefore we are constantly experimenting, selecting and acquiring know-how on new technologies

Our Purpose

Co-create, train and support our customers in using performance management solutions that are innovative and flexible, integrating business expertise and information technology, for small and medium companies. In doing so, we intend to contribute to the permanent development and increased competitiveness of our clients in the global market.

Our Principles

This is the set of principles that govern our daily behavior, decisions, our relations with customers and our internal team (business partners, consultants and management support team), partners and stakeholders in general with whom we interact.

Our challenge is to ensure that every action, behavior, decision, work process and proposed solution, among other daily activities, reflect our beliefs in everything we do. We do it by:

  • Communicating, disseminating, clarifying and living up to these principles among our professionals, clients and partners;
  • Identifying and attracting professionals and partners whose principles are aligned with ours;
  • Encouraging professionals to follow, uphold and advocate for these purposes and principles in all their actions and behaviors;
  • Identifying and aiming our sales efforts towards clients whose principles are aligned with ours;
  • Identifying and attracting partners who share our principles.

The current volatile and rapidly changing business environment requires structured and managed companies that hold human excellence as a reference. Agility, creativity, flexibility, capability to adapt and integrate are now more relevant for business success than the rigid hierarchical and controlling managerial methods from the past.

Make the difference, set trends and strive to innovate. Always be at the forefront of knowledge on business management, anticipating market needs, identifying groundbreaking technologies and creating new solutions, products and services with innovation, leading the way and standing out.

  • Know and understand your clients’ business to be able to focus on their needs. Each company is different, unique, with challenges and problems that are specific to their line of business, their positioning, level of organizational maturity and management culture.
  • Customized solutions to meet the business needs of each client. Our role is to know and understand all the particular needs of our clients, to step in their shoes and understand their challenges, respect their problems and thus provide practical solutions to meet their actual needs and desires, offering business advantages profit.
  • The most complex challenges and problems of our clients are an opportunity and the reason why we exist. We must know them, understand them and respect them.
  • Honor commitments is one of the pillars for a long-lasting relationship with clients or other stakeholders, internal or external. To us, formal and informal commitments with regards to the solution or any delivery from our part to the client are considered formal commitments undertaken by CTI, and we shall spare no efforts to fulfill them.
  • Our relationship with clients, among ourselves (partners, consultants and employees) and stakeholders (suppliers, technical partners and community) must be open and transparent, always aiming to meet to the needs of our customers.
  • We are aware that we handle data, information and knowledge of high strategic value for our clients, and we take the responsibility to handle this content with the necessary care and privacy, without exposing our clients or damaging their image.
  • We are also aware that our position as leaders requires that our expansion, scope of action, prospect/customer list and technical characteristics of our solutions remain absolutely private, on behalf of our success.

The several stages of the consulting process (Assessment, Design, Creation, Implementation and Support) must comprise knowledge and technology transfer during the execution. A privileged space for mutual learning between clients and consultants has to exist, to ensure the enterprise can operate the system on its own once the desired improvements are deployed. Our commitment is to transfer knowledge and technology and contribute to the development of our client’s infrastructure (processes, people and systems), so they will not have to depend on our consultants.

  • We believe that the quality of our solutions, services and customer-care will guarantee the success of our Premium positioning strategy. Quality materializes when we use the knowledge and skills acquired by our professionals over the years to create solutions that add clear value to our clients – when we contribute to their competitiveness (faster, more accurate, cheaper, less labor-intensive). One of the ways in which we can guarantee that we are using our accumulated expertise is through the active participation of our senior professionals in the projects.
  • We believe that it is important to work with the best professionals in the market. As such, we strive to encourage, recognize and reward professionals who stand out for quality and performance.
  • We are co-responsible for developing top technical professionals who are loyal to our values by providing equal opportunities to all, fostering attitudes that are aligned to our principles/DNA, sharing successes, celebrating achievements, correcting mistakes and working to grow together.