We have been developing solutions since 1992, integrating finance, business and IT knowledge to facilitate financial management, strategic management, risk management and compliance and economic scenario simulations for medium and large companies.

Our vocation is to support finance executives and from other business areas to make faster and safer business decisions about the company’s future, more rapidly and safely, regardless regarding daily operations or long-term strategic decisions.

We have tailored solutions to meet specific needs, which normally consist of a systematic process review supported by a system.

Analytical, planning and financial modeling softwares are our work tools and therefore we are constantly experimenting, selecting and acquiring know-how on new technologies

Our Purpose

Co-create, train and support our customers in using performance management solutions that are innovative and flexible, integrating business expertise and information technology, for small and medium companies. In doing so, we intend to contribute to the permanent development and increased competitiveness of our clients in the global market.

Nosso DNA

Our Values

This is the set of principles that guides our daily behavior, decisions, relationships with customers and internal staff (partners, consultants, and administrative support staff), associates, and other stakeholders with whom we interact.

Our challenge is to ensure that every attitude, behavior, decision, work process, proposed solution, among other daily activities, reflects these beliefs in the best way possible. This is done by:

  • Communicating, disseminating, clarifying and practicing these beliefs among our staff, customers, and associates;
  • Identifying and recruiting professionals whose beliefs are similar to ours;
  • Encouraging each professional to remain faithful and a keeper of our purpose and values themselves in all their actions and behaviors;
  • Identifying and directing our sales efforts to customers who share and support values similar to ours, so our work will be more effective and valuable to them;
  • Identifying and attracting partners whose beliefs are similar to ours.

The current hectic and rapidly changing business environment requires structured and well-managed organizations with human excellence as a reference, where agility, creativity, flexibility/adaptability, and integration become more relevant to success in business than the old and strict methods of hierarchic command and control.

All companies have challenges and problems peculiar to their line of business, strategic positioning, degree of organizational maturity, and corporate culture.

Our role is to know and understand all these unique aspects, knowing how to put ourselves in their shoes, meeting their challenges, and respecting their shortcomings.

We aim at offering practical solutions that satisfy real needs and desires, providing our clients with practical benefit and competitive advantage for their business, based on our technical knowledge, experience, and the best practices in the market.

We must know, understand, and respect all problems and challanges. We are partners with our customers, with great empathy for their challenges and needs, whether simple or highly complex.

We aim at always being at the avant-garde of knowledge in business management, anticipating market needs, identifying new technologies, creating solutions, products, and services with innovation and differentiation.

We believe that the quality of our solutions, general services, and customer services will guarantee the success of our premium positioning. Quality materializes when we combine the technical knowledge and skills acquired through the accumulated experience of our professionals with the knowledge of customers regarding their business and industry, in order to create solutions with a clear perception of value; when we contribute to their competitiveness (making them faster, more accurate, with less work).

The different stages of the consulting process (Analysis, Design, Construction, Implementation, and Support) must involve the transfer of knowledge during their execution: there must be a privileged space for mutual learning between consultants and clients, as a way of accelerating their development and guaranteeing autonomy.

Honoring commitments made is one of the pillars for a lasting relationship. Whether with customers or any other audiences, internal or external. For us, commitments made formally or informally to clients, regarding problem-solving or delivery,  are understood as commitments made by the CTI itself, which must dedicate all necessary efforts to honor them, with perseverance and resilience.

Our relationships with customers, including internal characters (partners, consultants, and employees) and external ones (suppliers, technical partners, and the community) must be honest and transparent. The diversity of the group and the particularities of everyone must be respected. Such relationships must be based on the highest standards of business ethics and always be established with a focus on customer needs.

We employ no unnecessary bureaucracy, methodological fads, or activities that do not contribute to the project and problem-solving. Management processes are performed in the right measure to ensure project control and efficiency.

We are aware that we deal with data, information, and knowledge of great strategic value for our customers, and we assume the responsibility of strictly taking care of this content with the secrecy and confidentiality they require, not exposing our customers or compromising their image.

We are also aware that our leadership and vanguard positioning requires that our growth and expansion strategies, operational focus, list of prospects and customers, and technical characteristics of our solutions are kept in absolute secrecy so as not to compromise our success.

We believe in always having the best professionals the market can offer. To this end, we always seek to encourage their development, recognize, and reward those who stand out for their quality, dedication and performance, with equity and respect for diversity.

We are also responsible for developing professionals with better technical skills and making them more aligned with our beliefs by having equal opportunities for everyone; fostering attitudes aligned with our values; encouraging autonomy as we build and conquer together; sharing successes; celebrating achievements, correcting and learning from mistakes, and thus, seeking personal and professional maturation together.

We work intensely, with dedication and, at the same time, we seek to relax and have fun. We encourage our customers to do the same. We like to party and celebrate big and small successes. We also believe in being responsible for taking care of the well-being of employees and client teams alongside them, maintaining a balance between work and personal life, and encouraging their physical, mental, and emotional health.

We work in teams with a high degree of cooperation. A network of consultants of different profiles, and specialties, with different degrees of technical and business experience, working behind the scenes to support their colleagues in any challenge clients may face. Less hierarchy, fewer politics, more cooperation and mutual support.

We are aware that we are agents capable of influencing society, improving processes in companies, promoting their growth, increasing the generation of jobs, and improving the quality of life of their professionals.

We must also share our knowledge of business, finance, and technology to contribute to the development of people in situations of social vulnerability in the communities in which we operate, thus contributing to the improvement of society in general. We respect and comply with the best practices of environmental responsibility and the highest ethical standards in the management of our business.