At Savegnago, the solution easily predicts revenue and compares it with consolidated figures.

Case Savegnago

Can we do more? We can!

Savegnago just needs to calculate profitabity. The company gained much more: daily monitoring of budget to actual and scenario simulation.

Fast and consistent reports

The solution resulted in more speed and precision in presenting automatically generated financial reports.

Checking data by mobile phone. Why not?

A particular store's performance can be checked daily via mobile, allowing for rapid route readjustments when needed.


To provide employees with profit sharing, the largest supermarket chain in the heartland of São Paulo state wanted a system that took into account earnings for each of the 15 sections at a single unit.

At that point, there were 36 stores and 4 gas stations, spread across different cities. An in-depth look at the numbers was needed to set up profitability analysis according to the revenue of each section, assembling a brand new calculation model for the company. Savegnago also needed this solution to be collaborative, agile and easy to use.


When creating the solution, CTI also created ways to achieve better forecasting and consolidation of revenues, while also maximizing profits.

The budget began to be done in a participatory manner, with easy daily monitoring and use of mobile technology. CTI Global went beyond, creating the ability for the client to monitor store performance in comparison with the budget on a daily basis. Now, submission of automatically generated financial reports is also faster and more precise, as is simulation of different scenarios, accounting for the existence of a single database.

Solution developed:

  • Budget Planning
  • Financial Planning

Platform used:

  • IBM Cognos BI ®
  • IBM Cognos Mobile®

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