Centauro: A top payroll and scenario simulation solution

Case Centauro

How to adapt in times of crisis

IT solution runs scenarios that help define Centauro's HR strategy, reformulating staff according to the evolution of the business.

IT platform: Easy, fast and efficient

CTI Global developed and implemented a customized solution and transfered know-how to the Centauro team.

It was fully functional in 3 months

Hosted on an IBM cloud, the solution is used for plans, budgets, forecasts and cost analysis for human resources.


Centauro, the largest sporting goods retailer in Latin America, needed agility and tools to help it to assess payroll within various scenarios in order to make fast decisions and adapt in times of crisis.

So caring for payment of 8,000 employees, across 176 stores, including commissions and variable compensation was exhaustive and slow work. No simulations were being done.


CTI Global developed a customized solution for Centauro.

Hosted on an IBM cloud, it is used for plans, budgets, forecasts and cost analysis for human resources. With it, business scenarios can be created, compared and evaluated using best market practices, such as headcount simulation, promotions and salary adjustments, to determine their impacts on personnel expenditures. The company gained greater control of expenses, lowered costs and had better control of its financial margins. The solution is easy to use and the Centauro team was trained to be able to operate it independently.

Solution developed:

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