Coca Cola Femsa

Coca-Cola FEMSA: Detailed financial planning, with scenario simulations

Case Coca Cola FEMSA

Scenario projections in minutes

The solution allows for "what if" analysis, done in minutes, projecting P&L, inventory, balance sheet and cash flow.

Better decisions and better performance

In a competitive market, having firm information on which to base decisions is fundamental to a company's results.

Ready in 18 weeks

The solution developed by CTI Global is friendly, flexible and adapted wonderfully to the tool already in place.


Coca-Cola FEMSA, a manufacturer and distributor of soft drinks and water and the largest Coca-Cola franchise in the world in sales volume, already had a Financial Planning Solution in place.

Yet it needed a tool that did more, providing more details and with more potent information analysis, allowing for agile simulations of consistent scenarios, a typical need in the Brazilian market.


CTI Global developed a quite comprehensive model that included inventory movement, cost calculations, taxes, etc., and that is connected to cash flow and the balance sheet.

The solution allows for simulations and scenario analyses of scenarios in a matter of minutes, projecting P&L (Profit and Loss Statement) and inventory as well as balance sheet and cash flow projections. Eighteen weeks were needed to develop and deploy the solution, transferring know-how to the Femsa team. Two more projects were done next: pricing system and Budget to Actual monitoring.

Solution developed:

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