A more robust made budgetary planning at Porto Seguro more agile and secure

Case Porto Seguro

Calculations done out of the platform? Not anymore.

The solution used by Porto Seguro no longer met the company's needs and made it so that the team was doing a lot of calculations outside of the platform. Now everything has changed.

The company could have just migrated to a different platform, but CTI Global took it a step further

The client just needed a more robust solution, but CTI took the opportunity to review the entire process and budget modeling, making substantial improvements.

Transferring knowledge is a must. And precious

Porto Seguro chose two employees to monitor the entire project. Conclusion: Know-how was transferred, with huge gains for the company.


Budgetary Planning is complex at Porto Seguro: it involves around 20 companies and different products, such as auto, home and life insurance as well as credit cards

A more robust platform was needed to house the growing volume of information and implement a Financial Simulation model. Migration was done from Cognos Planning, which was no longer meeting the company’s needs and was causing the team to do a lot of calculations outside of the tool, to Cognos TM1, loading the entire Budgetary Planning platform to another level.


 When migrating from Cognos Planning to Cognos TM1, CTI Global specialists used the opportunity to review all processes and budget modeling, making a significant contribution to improving information and best market practices.

Porto Seguro’s integrated and customized solution resulted in greater agility and security in relation to data that serves as the basis for decision-making. Profitability can now be analyzed by product when creating a budget; before, this would only happen at the end of the budget process. The first phase of work was done in 4 months, gaining enhancements and incorporating more areas in the next two phases. Two Porto Seguro employees actively took part in the process, allowing for substantial knowledge transfer, therefore giving the company autonomy.

Solution developed:

  • Budget Planning

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