Financial manager: three stages and a happy ending at Banco Volkswagen

Case VW Financial Service

Step by step changes

The solution was implemented in three stages, so that changes were absorbed by teams step by step, covering the pricing, financial planning and market reporting processes.

Manual processes and calculations were automated

CTI Global created a customized solution for the Volkswagen bank, broker and insurer, which together represent over 900,000 customers.

Complex analyses, filled with variables, in minutes!

Among other things, the model allowed for pricing of new plans and decision-making based on profitability.


The Volkswagen bank, consortium and broker required integrated management, with a base of over 900,000 active customers, in seven regions across Brazil, and over 700 dealerships.

The financial tools in use were not sufficiently agile and did not allow for adequate integration. Profitability analysis and market reporting processes involved lots of manual work, opening the door to mistakes and incongruent spreadsheets.


 CTI Global developed an integrated solution, implemented in three stages, capable of simplifying and automating the Pricing, Financial Planning and Market Reporting processes.

In the first stage, profitability analysis was deployed, across the opening and segmentation of the company’s products, regions and customer profiles. In the second phase, the Financial Consolidation model and Reporting were implemented, taking into account the company’s current accounting system (SAP). In the third phase, CTI developed a solution capable of integrating all of the group’s business processes, from market forecasting for the commercial area to projection of Financial Statements (balance sheet, results and cash), and up to Marketing, HR< Treasury, Risks, Billing and Fixed and variable costs.

Solution developed:

  • Profitability Model
  • Financial Planning

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